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THE 27 CLUB | Mesto
Autori | Katarína Ozimáková
Spoluautori | Prof. Linn Song, M.ARCH 2, B.ARCH
Firma, ateliér | school atelier |
Foto | Katarína Ozimáková

Autorský popis | Underground library based on THE 27 CLUB conspiracy theory. The 27 Club is the somewhat morbid name for a large group of famous musicians, who all died at the age of 27. Sometimes also called the Forever 27 Club, Fans and conspiracy theorists believe, that the large number of rock n‘ roll deaths isn‘t merely coincidence. They feel 27 is a cursed age, the age at which influential musicians are most at risk for death. Many fans feel such a connection to their favorite musicians, that they need an explanation for their deaths. It‘s easier to accept that your idols were pre-destined to "join the club" instead of facing the truth, that they were simply victims of their own mortality. I‘ve put all conspiracy theories into library not to prove or refuse them. I‘ve used them to make whole concept full of symbolism, questions, secrets - like the deaths of 27 club members was